Friday, February 1, 2013

Helpful hints for successful videoconferencing

1.      Wear colors that do not contrast highly with the backround of the room.  Bright colors are usually not good for videoconferencing.

2.      Do not move around too much.  You can move a little bit but if you move fast or gesture wildly then you will not be seen clearly on the remote site.

3.      Speak clearly towards the room microphones but not too closely.  Speak at a volume that you would normally use when talking to a group of people of this size.

4.      Avoid tapping on the microphone or rustling papers near the microphone.

5.      Mute the microphones when having a private conversation.

6.      In a call with multiple sites connected, mute your microphones when you are not speaking.

7.      Make sure that you can see and hear the far site participants.  Adjust cameras and sound levels so that everyone can be seen and heard clearly.

8.      Involve the remote site as much or more than the local site to make them feel as much a part of the group as the room that you are in.  Do not allow participants in remote sites to become “disconnected” with the rest of your group.

9.      Use a variety of media and instructional methods during class to keep participants interest peaked.

10.  Make sure that all presentations and media are clear and use text, pictures or video that are large enough for everyone in the group to see.

11.  Introduce all participants when the event starts. 

12.  Introduce yourself when you start speaking.

13.  Use participants names to identify them and make them feel as important as anyone else in the local or remote sites.

14.  Ask questions and invite discussion to get everyone on all sites talking and communicating together.

15.  As moderator of the group, you must remain in control of the communication and be able to guide discussions and conversation in all locations.

16.  If possible, make sure that your class is held in a room that has the appropriate size and equipment for your class.
       17. Last but not least:  Don't be afraid to ask questions about technology!

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