Saturday, September 1, 2007

Program Summary

This has definitely been an interesting experience. I've always believed that putting knowledge to practical application is the best way to learn. I'll admit that I may have had a head start on many of these things having seen or worked with them before. Even so I've learned quite a few things and I hope I've at least given a few people something to read. Now that this is done I'm considering connecting a blog to my own personal web site. I'm always trying to learn something new when it comes to technology so I have had fun going through this.
I suppose the important question about all of this is how can we apply these tools for use in the ITS/Library environment? I encourage everyone to think about how you can do something to promote this technology and perhaps even implement it. Remember that as a person providing solutions to others, it's important to allow the people you serve to drive the technology. We are here to show what can be done and what is needed to make it happen. Students first!
Good luck everyone.